Specialized Air Conditioning and Air Filtration

  • Portable units with source capture facility to capture the contaminants before they are lost into a general space;
  • Larger systems that filter the air in the space;
  • Particulate and optional gas phase systems;
  • Central systems requiring ducted installation for source and spatial capture.
  • Equipment ranging from conventional filters and cartridges, up to Genano Multi Function Ion for the highest filtration efficiency, lowest power consumption and lowest maintenance.

Genano central system with ducted installation.

Bulk fill scrubber with gas phase media at industrial site

Welding and Fabrication Shops

Welding halls, machine workshops and general fabrication shops generate contaminants and in most circumstances, these should be removed.
Increased use of laser and plasma cutting generates finer particles, and these will impact employee health and equipment reliability, particularly the electronics and sliding bearings. 

Genano technology is not based on fiber filters, which require maintenance and the air flow degrades over time as filters become loaded and pressure drop increases. In addition, depending on the contaminants present, these filters may require special handling due to toxicity.

The Genano system captures nano sized particles, which are particularly hazardous to health and these reach the smallest part of the lung, the alveoli, where gas transfer takes place. Removing these particles from the air promotes health, and naturally increases productivity.

Cleaning efficiency is maintained at a maximum level due to an in-built washing and flushing function that removes the captured contaminants and runs them to either a collection container or to drains.The Genano system removes particulates, and may be coupled to gas phase systems for odors. Fans are selected to suit the flow and static pressure. 


Sludge from a welding shop filtration system going to a tank

  • Occupational health. Many gases and particulates are hazardous to biological systems;
  • Energy. Venting workspace air to atmosphere has been a relatively easy way to rid the work  space of contaminants, however there will be ever increasing restrictions on this practice on environmental limits, plus energy conservation. In cold climates when heating is required, all air vented to atmosphere must be replaced with clean outside air- and this must be heated;

Portable welding filter with 1500 cfm flow, dual snorkels, HEPA final and 4 ft³ media- all on a 120 volt supply and 15A circuit.

Main reasons include: