Specialized Air Conditioning and Air Filtration


These systems typically feature:

Square plastic package scrubber for low cost, plug and play and with square media section, lower pressure drop, more media and lower fan power.


Odor control at waste water plants is often required due to proximity to residential or commercial areas. The predominant gases present are H2S (hydrogen sulfide) and mercaptans. These have very low odor thresh holds and low concentrations are easily detected. 

Bulk fill scrubber with two fans in series for high static, redundancy, two stage flow capacity.

Bulk fill, vertical bed scrubbers.

  • Bulk fill media cabinets for the lowest cost per unit of contaminant removed;
  • Intake mist reducers to remove airborne mist from wet wells etc.;
  • 316 stainless or plastic for withstanding the acidic conditions;
  • Insulated cabinets in situations where cabinets are outside and surface temperatures are lower than the dew point of the air being filtered;
  • Premium sealed motors and in some circumstances, will carry hazardous duty ratings.