Specialized Air Conditioning and Air Filtration


  • Individual filtration system for each dryer. This is simplest on installation and operation as each dryer can be shut down and the filter cleaned without shutting down the entire bank of dryers;
  • Larger systems that can handle the flow from multiple dryers;
  • Reverse air pulse purging systems for cleaning;
  • Free standing cabinets with ducting to a lint source for source capture;
  • Hung systems for either ducted of spatial lint capture;
  • Vacuum systems and controls for removal of captured lint;
  • Fan boosting systems with automatic speed controls to maintain airflow with additional static;

Laundry Lint Systems

Commercial, land based, laundries generate lint from dryers, automatic ironing and general processing of fabrics. This lint is flammable and if allowed to build up, particularly where waxes and oils are present, this also presents a safety hazard.
Lint is a particulate, and is often connected to starches and other chemicals that ideally should not be breathed by personnel. 

We have the following systems available, and as most laundry needs are different in capacity and available space, a degree of customization is required. 

Individual and larger, central system with parallel operation and vacuum facility.

Ceiling and free standing system with stainless, washable panels.

Central vacuum system with disposable bag.

Fan speed controller based on duct pressure, plus small filtration system for dryers with fan boost for static pressure. 

We utilize heavy duty, 316 stainless wire screen in either panel of zero bypass cartridge configurations. These are washable, which is required after a certain run time due to starches etc. that eventually blind the pores and are not removed by purging.

Once the lint has been prevented from passing into the extraction duct, with zero bypass cartridges, it is possible to recover energy from the drying process. This is a lot of energy, and in the past it has been vented to atmosphere because bypass material will foul energy recovery devices.