Specialized Air Conditioning and Air Filtration


Typical front control panel.

System with 4 ft³ media and 1,250 cfm, 50 or 60 Hz. Power less than 650 W

Larger system with 2,500 cfm and 8 ft³ media. 

  • High airflow with ASHRAE Innovation Award media modules for high amount of media and low pressure drop;
  • Double skin aluminum panels for noise attenuation, ease of maintenance and aesthetic appearance;
  • Anodized aluminum frame construction for ease of assembly and customization of design;
  • Electronically commutated fan for high efficiency, ease of speed control and constant flow at either 50 or 60 Hz;
  • High capacity pleat pattern filters for low pressure drop, high contaminant load capacity and reduced maintenance requirements;
  • Integral differential pressure gauges;
  • Ducted configurations available;
  • Electrical supplies to suit local power.

Click on the link for a detailed “Design Guide” for Electrical Rooms

Data Centers

Data centers are critical rooms and it is imperative that they have clean air. As they are located all over the world, some of the air may not be up to instrument quality standards and corrosion may occur over time. This can lead to failure and unscheduled down time. 

Typically contaminant levels are low and the emphasis is on turning the air in the room through the filtration system. Our designs feature: