Specialized Air Conditioning and Air Filtration


Bulk fill pressurization and re-circulation system at industrial site.

Control and MCC Rooms Filtration

Control and motor control centers will be far better places for electrical equipment to operate if the air is clean and conditioned. Depending on the nature of the material, there may also be occupational health implications. 

Click on the link for a detailed “Design Guide” for Electrical Rooms

Pressurization system for extreme dust with auto purge cyclonic pre-filtration

  • Pressurization of the space to control the quality of air being introduced. This can be particulate, gaseous and in severe applications include reverse air pulse cleaning of intake cartridges to reduce maintenance and maintain performance;
  • Automatic controls to vary the fan speed to maintain a set room pressure regardless of filter loading;
  • Re-circulation filtration to greatly reduce contaminant levels and reduce pull down times. In practice, rooms have doors and personnel enter and leave and this introduces contamination which is best removed by re-circulation filtration;
  • Climate control systems with internal air handlers and either water cooled or air cooled condensers;
  • Monitoring to provide real time compliance to the Instrument Society of America Standards for controlled environments- this includes corrosion, temperature and humidity;
  • Monitoring on particulates down to 0.01 mg/m³ and 20 µm;
  • Supply of gas phase media and particulate filters.

Our approach is to provide any combination of:

Combination pressurization, reverse air pulse cartridge, re-circulation filtration and automatic fan speed and pulse control system for nominal 5,000 ft³ room. 

Extreme dust situation at control room.

Room re-circulation cabinets with 2,500 cfm- 8 ft3 media; 1,250 cfm- 4 ft3 media and 200 cfm portable and 4 ft3 media