Specialized Air Conditioning and Air Filtration


  • Quick access panels that can be removed without tools;
  • Double skin aluminum panels that have rigid foam insulation sandwiched between the metal for high R values and mechanical robustness in service;
  • Coated coils for corrosion resistance;
  • Stainless low watt density heater elements for long life;
  • Heavy duty, unloading compressors for long service life, insensitivity to phase connections and two stage operation for humidity control;
  • Pump down of refrigerant on off cycle;
  • High efficiency, electronically commutated fans as an assembly for ease of speed control (for ducted and non-ducted applications) and serviceability;
  • Heavy duty controls with all circuit breaker protection;
  • External fan forced condenser options;
  • Internal water cooled condensers with marine duty, cleanable condensers and water flow, head pressure control;
  • Upgraded filtration, and in specific instances gas phase filtration can be incorporated into the single air handling system.
  • Stainless drain pan and frame. 

Click on the link for a detailed “Design Guide” for Electrical Rooms

Package ducted system

Control and MCC Rooms Air Conditioning

Control room air conditioning can be offered to work with the filtration equipment to improve the operating conditions for electrical componentry. Our designs feature:

Package room air conditioning system at industrial site