Specialized Air Conditioning and Air Filtration



Mines and industrial facilities are under pressure and their staff are often not available to carry out research on MCC and Control Rooms. In addition, they may not be experienced in the latest technology and methodologies. MI Air Systems, LLC can offer a consulting service that can perform the following roles:

  1. Carry out a site survey of rooms being considered for air filtration and climate control;
  2. Make recommendations as to what is required to achieve the desired result (as defined with site personnel);
  3. Model the space to enable a prediction of indoor air quality with changes in filtration systems and efficiencies;
  4. Write specifications;
  5. Supervise the installation;
  6. Supervise the commissioning;
  7. Write commissioning reports;
  8. Perform periodic compliance inspections to ensure system is performing to specifications and subsequent report to management.